5 April 2014


After trying out L'Oreal attempt at a Miceller Water, I decided to try it's larger bottled rival from Garnier. The main reasoning behind this being it is a larger bottle for cheaper! In the past Garnier products and I haven't gotten along. I have very sensitive skin and certain products strip any moisture out my skin causing an eczema outbreak. Previously the Garnier  Soft Essentials range caused havoc with my skin, it dried out my skin to the extent that my eyelids become so dry they were swollen to double the size. Not my best look.

Unfortunately after a couple of days of use, this product has done the same which is a shame because it is a nice product but I will admit I prefer the L'Oreal. I didn't feel it removed my make up as thoroughly and was a tad abrasive on my skin. Take this with a pinch of salt if your skin isn't a very sensitive. I am passing it on to my mum to use so hopefully she can get some use out of it.

Have you tried this?

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23 March 2014

Sunday Session

Welcome to the new Sunday feature on erratic glamour! Please contain your excitement. Basically, Six for Sunday was starting to grate on me, sometimes I don't have 6 specific topics - that are interesting - to discuss. A general post sans structure works better for me. I can ramble to my hearts content without sitting searching for a number 5!

This week wasn't overly busy really. I had a few bits on but mostly my time was taken up by work. I started French lessons on Wednesday night which went really well. It is surprising how much you actually remember, the last time I did french was about 7 years ago at school but I remembered bits and pieces. Wednesday was also curry night, I'm not a massive spicy food fan but this curry with a wee glass of wine went down an absolute treat. Be going back there again when the curry cravings come.

A nasty little cold that is doing the rounds in the office finally got to me and due to a horrible cough I managed to ping my back - on going back problem means it is easy to re injure! - so I spent Friday night and most of Saturday resting and trying to shift both. Luckily I am feeling better today apart from a few little pangs of pain and my cough still hanging about I moved myself and went out. I went to Napiers which is a Herbalist here in Edinburgh to get some jojoba oil for my face as I hear it is good for dry skin especially dry skin that appeared due to my own silly choice of using a product I know doesn't agree with my skin! I also picked up some tea tree oil for my face so hopefully my skin will pull it's act together soon. Once I had got my oils, I headed to get my rook pierced - picture here. I had been putting it off for ages but today I was really in the mood to go and get it done so I told myself this frame of mind is the time to get it done and I did. I love it! Getting pierced is so addictive. I should have believed the piercer when she said I'll see you next time!

Happy Sunday!

22 March 2014


H&M home cups £3.99 each

H&M home elephant pillow case £3.99 

H&M home has only recently come to Edinburgh and I for one am very about this. I love a good ol' homeware shop espeically when they have unique bits that are affordable. That is exactly what I found with H&M Home. I only picked up three bits because I have quite a lot of new bits in my room so didn't want to go too crazy. Recently my make up brushes had been stuffed in a white ceramic square pot which served the purpose but when I saw these gorgeous patterned cups, I couldn't walk past them. They have matching bowls and side plates too if you are looking for a little dinner set. 

The pillow was bought purely because there is an elephant on it and I love elephants! It is the start of my new collection thing - random cushions for my bed. Every collection of cushions should start with an elephant pillow! 


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21 March 2014


Matching Tailoring. Hello! Nothing makes me smile - in terms of clothes - more than some tailoring, if it has an interesting pattern in a different colour then that is just a big fat bonus. While having one of my many daily scrolls through Pinterest - find me here - I came across a whole host of patterned co-ords that I instantly fell in love with. I wrote about dinner suits in particular over a year ago, if you fancy for suit based musings then you can find that here.

three reasons I love co-ords

1. It is classic tailoring (love) with an interesting spin. Chuck in a bright colour or an intricate pattern and you have an outfit that is not only versatile in terms of wearing with different items but it is a little bit different. An probably very eye catching. 

2. A suit is viewed as a masculine piece. I love androgyny so it doesn't bother me too much to wear black tux trousers, a velvet dinner jacket with some sparkly accessories and killer heels (one of my favourtie outfits I won) but a little pattern thrown into the mix can pull the look back from being overly masculine. I mean you don't see every other man walking down the street wearing a well tailored suit with a pink brocade pattern on it! If you have seen a man like this, send him my way please.

3.  They work for all seasons. If it is a winter wedding, chuck on a (faux) fur jacket and some diamonds earrings - channel your inner Marlyn for the day! In summer, open toe sandals with a simple cami that is cut well and you are all set. Even chucking a polo neck under a co-ord in the winter adds detail and interest without going cray cray with more patterns or colours.

To sum up, co-ords are my fave! What do you think of co-ords? Yay or nay?

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20 March 2014


Just a little book TAG I did over on erratic glamour on YouTube! Enjoy! x

18 March 2014


First published in 1936, Daphne Du Maurier sets Jamaica Inn in 1820s Cornwall with the main character being Mary Yellan. I won't go into too much details because there is nothing worse than the story getting ruined. I ruined it for myself while researching Mary Du Maurier, if you want the mystery and suspense of Jamaica Inn to continue for as long as possible stay away from Google!

Initial & Final Thoughts

(I should note, initial and final thoughts are wrapped into one purely because I was too engrossed in the plot to bother jotting down some initial thoughts!)

From the off set, Du Maurier had me hooked. The suspense was there from the get-go. Her style of writing builds up fear and you develop genuine dislike, hate even, towards her Uncle and at first I felt sympathy to her Aunt but I came to loath her purely because she was so helpless. Brainwashed even. I understand she was beaten down, a broken woman essentially but Mary had a fighting spirit and courage that I admired and wanted to see from Aunt Patience as well. Nevertheless, Jamaica Inn is undoubtedly a gripping story that hooks you in early on.

In chapters of dangerous, key events I found myself reading faster and faster to ensure everything was resolved before I got to work or fell asleep.  Picking up speed was due to the adrenaline and intensity that came from the events also. From reading Jamaica Inn, I have already planned another couple of Du Maurier books I plan to read - Rebecca and My Cousin, Rachel are next on my list. Her style of writing is beyond perfect with interesting and addictive plot line, a definite on my list of favourite books.

I have also been told that the BBC are releasing a TV adaption of Jamaica Inn this summer I believe which I will without a shadow of a doubt be tuning into and know doubt fall in love with!

Have you read any Du Maurier books? Did you like them?

Next reads

For my 4th books of 2014, I have decided to go for something a bit different. Leant to me by my flatmate, Emma - you might meet her soon - Amor Twoles 'Rules of Civility' will be by April book. They aren't really running month by month but it is my 4th book nonetheless. Alongside this 1930s tale from New York City I shall be dipping in and out of Black Cats & Evil Eyes by Chloe Rhodes. More of a 'coffee table' book, I plan to read this every now and again when I want a quick little literary fix. 

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17 March 2014


                              Zara blouse via ebay / £24

I shopped... again. Oopsy. Between buying books and random things I probably don't need, I have picked up a few tops recently. They are versatile and can be worn to work or at the weekend...

A random Zara find on ebay, after paying £6(!!) for postage this little beauty arrived and I instantly knew that this top would see me through 2014's Spring & Summer. It was worth the extortionate postage. (I think taking photos of new buys with them on the body works better than it flopped on the floor, what do you think?)

Zara Fuchsia Pink Heels via ebay - £14

Fuchsia pointy toe heels have always been on my 'to buy' list, everything about them just screams classic, beautiful shoes. Following a delayed postage I realised they had been sent to my old flat. Long story short, the new tenants in my old flat tried to do me out of my shoes - warning: you cannot keep me from my shoes - after almost walking away empty handed I peered in the hall of my old home and saw them out the corner of my eye. Following a very false "Oh I didn't see them there" from fore mentioned new tenant, off I skipped to the bus stop new pretty shoes in tow. (With a major OH EM GEE conversation with Emma on the phone about the cheek of trying to steal these little beatus from me!) To sum up, they are perfectly gorgeous, I love them and cannot wait to wear them. I can see them in my head with so many things. Keep your eyes peeled for a very lady-like feeling erratic glamour...

In short, Zara find on ebay has been a success. got two pieces that I love and can't wait to wear. Winning. 

What have been your ebay steals?


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